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1. Why does the countryside need the city?


2. Why does the city need the countryside?


3. These are good ideas! Why do this only in Historic Districts? Why not everywhere?


4.  How is Modernist Preservation diminishing the character of our historic districts?


5.  Are you promoting only one style of architecture?


6.  Isn't new traditional architecture fake - won't it turn our historic districts into Disneyland?


7.  Is the VCC against experimental architecture?


8.  But isn't beauty "in the eye of the beholder?"


9.  I like Modernist paintings and vintage "Midcentury Modern" furniture - are y'all against those too?


10.  Isn't preservation something that only rich, retirees care about?


11.  Aren't the traditional building arts "dead," and if not, don't they cost too much today?



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